Welcome to No Sleep Productions

If you want the phone to ring, you gotta make them sing!

Are you a business owner in the Midwest seeking to make a lasting impression? Dive into the heart of cities like Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis, Detroit, Louisville, and Pittsburgh with us. We specialize in crafting jingles that not only capture the essence of the Midwest but also drive brand recognition and customer engagement. Let’s collaborate and ensure your brand’s melody resonates across the heartland!

About No Sleep Productions

Welcome to the Midwest’s Premier Jingle Production Studio – No Sleep Productions. Located at the heart of the United States’ vibrant music scene, we span cities like Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis, Detroit, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Chicago.

What We Do at No Sleep Productions

Elevating Brands with the Power of Sound

Welcome to No Sleep Productions, where we specialize in crafting bespoke audio solutions that resonate with your audience and amplify your brand’s presence. Based in the heart of the Midwest, we are dedicated to providing local businesses with top-tier audio branding services. Our expertise spans a range of audio production services, each tailored to meet your unique needs.

Jingle Creation

Our team of talented composers and lyricists specializes in creating catchy, memorable jingles that capture the essence of your brand. A great jingle is more than just a tune – it’s an auditory signature that sets your business apart, enhances brand recall, and connects emotionally with your audience. Let us turn your brand message into a harmonious experience that echoes in the minds of your customers.

Music On Hold

Transform the waiting experience for your callers with custom ‘Music On Hold’. We create pleasant, engaging audio pieces that not only reduce perceived waiting times but also reinforce your brand identity. Our tailored on-hold music and messages are designed to keep your callers informed, entertained, and engaged with your brand, even on hold.

Podcast Intros and Outros

In the world of podcasts, first impressions count. Our custom intros and outros give your podcast a professional edge, creating a compelling start and finish that captivates listeners. From setting the right tone to reinforcing your podcast’s identity, our intros and outros are the perfect bookends to your content, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Custom Radio Spots

Radio advertising remains a powerful tool for reaching audiences. At No Sleep Productions, we specialize in crafting custom radio spots that grab attention and deliver your message effectively. Whether it’s a promotional ad, a public service announcement, or a brand story, our creative team works with you to produce radio spots that stand out and speak directly to your target market.

Our Partners in Success

Discover the brands that have amplified their presence with No Sleep Productions. Each logo below represents a story of collaboration and success, showcasing our commitment to elevating businesses through impactful audio branding. From catchy jingles to memorable audio experiences, these clients have experienced the transformative power of sound.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Jerry Sanders of No Sleep Productions. He produced a Jingle for us that we use to this day and customers still walk in the front door singing that Jingle. It helped us grow from one store to three stores"
Tim McConnell
Cincinnati Auto Credit