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Radio and TV Advertisers

Give Your Ads a Little Jingle

And Watch Your Sales Grow Like Grass in the Spring!

Have you ever watched a mother walking around with her kids, singing purple-dinosaur songs to them?  Do you think it’s because the kids can’t get enough of it?

Not hardly…it’s because they can’t get those songs out of their heads!

“This is the same effect you’re looking for in your ads,
and I’ve spent years helping marketers make that happen.”

We both know the score.  You have a certain amount of money to spend on marketing material…and you need to make that count.  As a jingle writer, I’ve spent years helping marketers across the nation achieve their goals.

You tell me the message you want to portray, and I’ll give you a tune that will bring your message to life.  It’ll reside in the target’s mind long after your commercial is over…and your targets will remember your name.

Why is my service the one that will boost your returns?

  • Because I’m a jingle writer…not a musician. I’m not here to showcase my musical genius, I’m here to make ads.  I’ve got a marketer’s heart, and I’ve got the musical talent to make your campaigns a success.
  • Because I know the THREE most important components of a good jingle…the components that separate jingles from musical composition.  Very few musicians even know they exist…and only the most experienced jingle writers know how to use them.
  • Because I can deliver a great jingle, on a very short notice. If you called 1.877.NoSlep1 (1.877.667.5371) right now to make an appointment, I could be at your office within 3 days for a demo, and your ad could be ready in as little as 10 days!

We all know the anecdotal examples of making something more memorable with music.  The songs our teachers taught us as kids.  The tricks used by memory masters.  But did you know recent studies show people are 87% more likely to remember an ad set to music?  And that people are 56% more likely to see your product favorably when the ad uses their preferred type of music?

That brings me to the real core of my proposition.  I specialize in ads for the crowd who listens to R&B, pop music, and rock.  This includes a huge portion of Generation X and most of Generation Y.  I know my market intimately.  I know their tastes, I know their styles, I know how to reach them. In short:
Your ad  + my jingle = an enthusiastic crowd hungry to buy your products!

Let me tell you a little about my experience.  I actually started in the radio business.  I had a lot of contact with account executives, and it was after dealing with them that I realized how much I could do for marketers and business owners.

Because account executives don’t always tell business owners EVERYTHING.  For example:

The stations usually play a commercial that has music either at the end or the beginning of a commercial break.  And the first and last commercials are always the ones people listen to the most.  Account executives would rather you paid for more air time than using part of your budget to make your commercial better.

The deal that account executives try to pitch is simple…they record a commercial for you when you buy a certain amount of air time.  But what they don’t want to emphasize is the fact that they’re dealing with your competition at the same time…usually offering them the same deal.

Think for a second—why would they give your company a better (or higher converting) commercial than they would give to your competitors?

When you deal with me, you’ll get my best…every time.

I’ve worked with quite a few industry leaders in the past, including Indiana Black Expo, Larosa’s Pizza, and Fidelity Mortgage.  And all of them have been happy with their results.