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Vocal Recording

Vocal RecordingOur studio is specifically designed and equipped for voice-over/vocal recording, music production and voice-music mixing.

We have some of the industries most highly respected hardware equipment including Sony MXP 3036 mixing console, MCI JH 16/24 2 inch analog recorder, ProTools LE 8 w/Digi 002 rack and Digi 003 console.

In addition to this, we have a plethora of industry standard software from ProTools, Reasons, Waves, Auturia, Antares and more.

Microphones include Neumann, Shure SM7 (Same microphone Michael Jackson used for his vocals on Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad albums!).

For a complete listing of our equipment, please go to our Equipment page.

A combination of experience, great equipment and accurate monitoring means we can ensure every project completed by us is done so to the very highest standards, without exception.